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The Museum of More for Less


"The Museum of More for Less" is an installation that contemplates the creation of aesthetic value in relation to changing economic conditions and new technology. In a post-industrial, post-internet global economy, the artist invariably acts as both creator and consumer. This concept can furthmore be applied to both contemporary and traditional ways of working within art, and to material and immaterial art objects alike. Through an idiosyncratic visual display, comprised of artistically modified consumer objects - such as dollar store knock-offs, thrift shop purchases, and discarded personal items - the Museum of More For Less explores the following questions surrounding artistic production and value: How do originality, authenticity, and accessibility affect an object's perceived beauty and market value? How does history fetishize the art object in both high culture and popular taste? How does cultural capital influence the greater economy - and is it merely a reflective power - or one that has the capacity to institute its own social change? 

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