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During the pandemic, I started painting again, which I hadn't done since majoring in art at Brown University. My brightly colored, collage-inspired oil and acrylic paintings are a reflection of my fascination with art history and popular culture. By incorporating elements of both, I seek to create a visual dialogue between past and present, exploring the ways in which art historical movements and contemporary influences intersect, overlap, or otherwise inform each other.

In my work, I am drawn to the bold use of color and line in the art of the Fauvist movements and other modern masters, as well as the graphic elements and playful imagery of pop art. By merging these elements, I aim to create dynamic compositions that are visually engaging and thought-provoking.


Through the use of collage, I am able to juxtapose disparate elements from art history and contemporary life, creating new and unexpected narratives. This process allows me to explore themes of identity, consumerism, and the fleeting nature of popular trends and technological ephemera.


Each painting is a reflection of my own experiences and observations, as well as a celebration of the diverse array of visual stimuli that surrounds us. Through my work, I hope to invite viewers to reconsider the ways in which art, history, and popular culture intersect and interact, and to create new and meaningful connections between the past and the present.

Please contact me if you have any interest in this work. 

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