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Flower Series


This series of photographic compositions celebrates the natural beauty of flowers and the visual allure of their color, patterning, and spatial arrangement.  By mimicking the repetition that is found within each flower’s petals through the patterned composition of each photo, I create layered images that employ patterns on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. By repeating and amalgamating images of individual flowers and clusters of flowers, I furthermore abstract recognizable imagery into something that is altogether new and difficult to identify. This layering of pattern additionally highlights the inherent visual qualities of each flower and gives the images a surreal quality that is both reminiscent of this world and another, more fantastical one. Beyond the underlying dichotomies of real and abstract and real and surreal, I additionally explore the dichotomy of geometric and organic via the contrasting geometric and imperfect forms and structures that exist within the flowers themselves as well as within the digital compositions.

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