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Artist Statement, 2019


Opinion: Creating A More Sustainable Art World: A Four-Part Essay on Art, Economics, and Growing the Future Art Market, 2016 

Published Whitehot Magazine Article

Website Layout / Archive 


An Interview with My Selfie, 2015 

3 Words That Best Describe Me: One, big, contradiction...

Anti-Artist-Statement Statement, 2013

Originally published by the Hyperallergic art blog on March 29, 2013, this tongue-in-cheek essay provides a meta-analysis of the "artist statement," a standardized text written by the artist to explain the historical relevance and conceptual meaning behind his or her artwork.

Link to article on Hyperallergic blog 

Archive Version (PDF)


The Democracy of MySpace, 2006

Essay discussing the relationship between independent music and the social network, MySpace.

Essay (PDF)



Creating A (More) Sustainable Art World, 2014

Documentation of panel discussion and lecture organized by the artist on the topic of "Creating a (More) Sustainable Art World." The original event took place at the Bruce High Quality Foundation in New York, NY on May 29, 2014.  

Link to panel video

Discussion Overview 

Panel Hand-outs (PDF)


Writings and Other Projects

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