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Double click each image to view the pricing information or the number of hours that each piece took to complete. Most of my digital prints are $125 each. For paintings and other works, feel free to make offers on available works based on what you think my hourly rate should be, or on what you can afford. Depending on the situation, I will either accept or decline your offer. Other factors that I keep in mind when considering bids are the cost of materials and the cost of professionally photographing each piece. For example, larger paintings cost around $100+ to make, while smaller paintings can cost $30 or less to make depending on the canvas type. Professional photography costs around $20 per piece. Thus, if you think my time is worth $125 / hr, you might bid $125 / hr X 40 hr + $100 materials + $20 photography or  $5,120 for a large 40 hour painting.


If any of this is confusing to you, please feel free to email me at

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